10nen go no Kimi e
Released: April 25, 2012
Genre: J-Pop
Format: CD Single, CD+DVD
Label: King Records
Producer: Akimoto Yasushi
Theater Edition
607px-Tomomi Itano - 10nen go no Kimi e (Theater Edition)
Itano Tomomi Singles Chronology
Fui ni
2nd Single
4th Single
板野友美/10年後の君へ (Music Video)04:27

板野友美/10年後の君へ (Music Video)

10nen go no Kimi e (MV)

"10nen go no Kimi e" is the fifth solo single and third CD single released by Itano Tomomi. It was released in four versions: two CD+DVD (Type-A/B) Editions, a CD Only Regular Edition and a CD Only Theater Edition. The title track of "10nen go no Kimi e" was used in a Samantha Vega♡ CM that featured Itano in a special collaboration. One of the B-sides, "Clone", was previously releasd as digital single. It was used as a CM song for Ito-Yokado Body Cooler. The single reached #2 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 10 weeks.



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