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AKB48 Group Dai Sokaku Matsuri Logo

「AKB48グループ 大組閣祭り」DVD&Blu-ray ダイジェスト映像公開! AKB48 公式02:00

「AKB48グループ 大組閣祭り」DVD&Blu-ray ダイジェスト映像公開! AKB48 公式

AKB48 Group Daisokaku Matsuri ~Jidai wa Kawaru. Dakedo, Bokuraha Mae Shika Mukanee!~ (AKB48グループ大組閣祭り~時代は変わる。 だけど、僕らは前しか向かねえ!~) took place on February 24, 2014, in Zepp DiverCity TOKYO. This was a group reshuffle in order to give more opportunities to members. The event was announced at the 4th day of the Request Hour 2014.

All members had until February 26, 2014 to question or appeal their positions.

Set List

Kage-ana: Watanabe Mayu

Zenza: "The Ikigire" (Staff members) - Mae Shika Mukanee

00. overture

01. Only Today (Team A)
02. Sougen no Kiseki (Team K)
03. Team B Oshi (Team B)
04. Seijun Philosophy (Team 4)
06. Futari Dake no Parade (Team KII)


07. Shalala na Calendar (Team E)
08. Koko ni Datte Tenshi wa Iru (Team N)
09. with my soul (Team M)
10. Almond Croissant Keikaku (Team BII)
11. Melon Juice (Team H)
12. Suki! Suki! Skip! (Team KIV)

MC. Introduction of commentators

13. Mae Shika Mukanee


New Teams





Transferred Members

Concurrent Position

Final Changes

New Captains

*Members were already captains before the shuffle

New Co-Captains

External Links

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