AKB48 Group Janken Taikai 2014 ~Ken de Kochitore! 1/300 Solo Debut Sodatsusen~ (AKB48グループ・じゃんけん大会2014 ~拳で勝ち取れ! 1/300ソロデビュー争奪戦~?) is AKB48's 5th Janken Tournament. The event was held at the Nippon Budoukan on September 17, 2014. Unlike the past Janken Tournaments, the result of this tournament won't determine the Senbatsu for a new single. The event is the first Janken Tournament to select a member to have a Solo Debut instead of the usual Senbatsu. The Senbatsu members for the 38th Single were announced after the tournament.

The rewards were:

  • Tournament winner: Solo debut (already debuted members get a solo concert instead)
  • #2 to #16 runners-up: Coupling song + MV on the solo single

Solo Debut Winner

0208NMB48 logo Watanabe Miyuki

38th Single Senbatsu Members

W Centers
AKB48 logo(pink) Watanabe Mayu
Hkt48 logo Miyawaki Sakura
SKE48 Matsui Jurina
AKB48 logo(pink) Shimazaki Haruka
Hkt48 logo Sashihara Rino
AKB48 logo(pink) Iriyama Anna
AKB48 logo(pink) Takahashi Minami
0208NMB48 logo Shiroma Miru
AKB48 logo(pink) Kojima Haruna
AKB48 logo(pink) Kawamoto Saya
SKE48 Matsui Rena
AKB48 logo(pink) Kizaki Yuria
Hkt48 logo Moriyasu Madoka
AKB48 logo(pink) Kawaei Rina
AKB48 logo(pink) Muto Tomu
SKE48 Suda Akari
AKB48 logo(pink) Kashiwagi Yuki
AKB48 logo(pink) Kato Rena
AKB48 logo(pink) Yokoyama Yui
AKB48 logo(pink) Owada Nana
AKB48 logo(pink) Takahashi Juri
0208NMB48 logo Yamamoto Sayaka
AKB48 logo(pink) Mukaichi Mion
SKE48 Miyazawa Sae
AKB48 logo(pink) Kojima Mako
AKB48 logo(pink) Ikoma Rina
AKB48 logo(pink) Minegishi Minami
AKB48 logo(pink) Tano Yuka
0208NMB48 logo Watanabe Miyuki
AKB48 logo(pink) Oshima Ryoka
Hkt48 logo Kodama Haruka
AKB48 logo(pink) Nakano Ikumi

Preliminary Results

Kenkyuusei Preliminary Results

Participating Members


External Link

4th Senbatsu Janken Taikai - 34th Single
6th Senbatsu Janken Taikai

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