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Maeda Atsuko is a Japanese idol singer. She is a former member of AKB48's 'Team A'. Atsuko has consistently been at the group's forefront - earning her the title of "The Face of AKB48" - having had a lead singing role in every single till her graduation. On March 25, 2012, Maeda announced that she would be graduating from AKB48. She graduated on August 27, 2012, at the AKB48 Theater
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January 27, 2017 - Jessica Vania announced graduation
JKT48 Team J Member, "Jessica Vania Widjaja" Announced her Graduation during Team J Theater Stage "BELIEVE". The theater performance was also her seitansei. To the fans, she thanked for all the projects that have been made and for the support over the years. She said, "I will regain my dreams in music. My heart wanted to play music."
January 25, 2017 - AKB48 released their 9th album, Thumbnail
AKB48 8th album "Thumbnail" is released on 25 January 2017. At the first day, this album sold 565,840 copies and ranked 1st place on ORICON Daily Chart (Album).
January 17, 2017 - Ota Aika announced graduation
Ota Aika made the announcement on January 17 during a performance at HKT48 Theater. After the show, she updated her Instagram saying, "I started thinking about graduating at age 19. When I turned 20, I made the decision to graduate when AKB48 celebrated its 10th anniversary. These past three years, I've thought carefully about whether or not I would have any regrets. I finally found my answer and talked to Akimoto-san and my agency about graduating."
November 29, 2016 - Owada Nana announced graduation
This announcement was made by herself at the end of the Boku no Taiyou stage performance at AKB48 theater on November 29th. The date of her graduation ceremony and her last concert hasn’t been determined yet. The reasons why she wants to leave the group wasn’t revealed. However, Nana apologized via a tweet "Since it was so sudden, I'm sure I surprised some people. I'm sorry. My graduation date has not been set yet, so please continue to support me as an idol."
November 10, 2016 - Aigasa Moe announced graduation
This announcement was made on November 10 during a live performance at AKB48 Theater. She also updated her Instagram, saying, "In March, I will be graduating from high school. I started seriously thinking about my future and realized that I should step out and challenge myself instead of remaining here." More details on Aigasa Moe graduation will be revealed later.

Latest ALL48 Releases

BNK48 - Koi Suru Fortune Cookie -November 18, 2017
AKB48 - 11-gatsu no Anklet - November 22, 2017
NMB48 - Namba Ai ~Ima, Omou Koto~ - August 02, 2017
JKT48 - B•E•L•I•E•V•E -September 13, 2017
AKB48 - Ano Koro ga Ippai - AKB48 Music Video Collection - October 04, 2017
NMB48 - NMB48 4 LIVE COLLECTION 2016 - October 11, 2017

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Upcoming ALL48 Releases

SKE48 - Sekai wa Doko Made Aozora na no ka? - December 06, 2017
NMB48 - Warota People - December 27, 2017
JKT48 - Kimi wa Melody - December 23, 2017
STU48 - STU 1st Single - January 31, 2018

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Latest ALL48 Concert and Events

AKB48 - Team 8 National Tour 〜47 no Suteki na Machi e〜 - December 23, 2014 ~ TBA
AKB48 - AKB48 49th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo - June 17, 2017

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