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AKB48 Nozawa Rena 2014
Nozawa Rena is a member of AKB48's Team B. She is the first overseas member to hold a Concurrent Position. Her Concurrent Position in JKT48 Team J was revoked at AKB48 Group Dai Sokaku Matsuri and she was transferred to AKB48 Team B
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Recent ALL48 News

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July 3, 2014 - AKB48 Group Resumes Handshake Events starting July 5
King Records has announced that AKB48 will hold their handshake event on July 5 at Tokyo Big Sight.
Since the slashing incident that took place in Iwate Prefecture on May 25, all the other handshake events in places such as Nagoya had been postponed.
There will be increased security and metal detectors at the event, and allocated storage for bags during the handshake itself. With increased security, the organizers have concluded that it will safe enough for AKB48 to carry on their handshake events.
For the events stricter security rules have been decided. At the entrance belongings will be checked and the bags you are allowed are limited to one per person with a maxium size of 90 cm (height, width and length). Those who don't have a handshake ticket also can't enter the venue. Metal detectors will also be established. Those who bring beverages will have to taste it in front of staff members and all non-drink liquids will have to undergo some kind of security check. Cans and glass bottles are not allowed. Before the actuall handshake with a member baggage has to be put aside at a designated spot outside the handshake booth. Offcial goods shop, trading areas, places for exchaging birthday message cards, girls-only area and family area which are usually set up at such an AKB48 event will not be set up this time.
Future handshake events will depend on how the July 5 event pans out.
June 7, 2014 - The Final results of AKB48's 6th General Election have been revealed
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June 2, 2014 - AKB48 Reopens Theater

The theater entrance

After two AKB48 members were attacked on May 25th, AKB48 closed its theater and cancelled all planned shows. A week has passed since this happened, and the theater has now been reopened.
The first show was held on June 2nd by Team A, the team of the injured members Iriyama Anna and Kawaei Rina. Both are still on break, and did not appear at the performance.
To protect the members, the management of AKB48 made several changes to the security system. Metal detectors have been established at the theater entrance, and the number of security staff has been increased. For the opening show, there were 6 policemen on lookout in the theater. Additionally, a barrier similar to a fence was established between the audience and the stage. This is a drastic change for AKB48, since the group has always put great importance into being "close" to their fans.
Because of the attack, fans have lost an opportunity to interact with the group. At the end of theater shows, the AKB48 members always high five the people in the audience. This did not happen at the theater performance on June 2nd, and it is unknown whether the high-fives will be introduced again.
Furthermore, it was not possible to watch the show on the monitor in the theater lobby. Unlike before, only people with a ticket to the specific show or on the cancellation waiting list were allowed into the lobby. This may be a temporary rule, or will possibly apply to all performances in the future.
At the upcoming election and concert in Ajinomoto Stadium, belongings of the people who attend will be checked, and metal detectors used as well.
May 25, 2014 - AKB48 theater manager explains Kawaei and Iriyama's conditions
As reported earlier, AKB48 members Kawaei Rina and Iriyama Anna got injured by a 24-year-old man with a saw, during the group's handshake event in Iwate.
On the 25th at 9:30 pm, AKB48 Theater manager Yuasa Hiroshi explained the details on those two's conditions in front of the hospital they are currently hospitalized.
According to the theater manager, Kawaei fractured the thumb of her right hand, and got slashed on her right arm. Iriyama fractured the pinky finger of her right hand, and got slashed on her head area and right arm. Both of them received surgeries to join the edges of the wounds.
The theater manager also revealed that those two are able to have clear conversation, and they looked calm right before the surgeries.
Along with the two members, there was a male staff member who also got injured, but none of them are life-threatening.
May 25, 2014 - BREAKING NEWS! AKB48's Kawaei Rina and Iriyama Anna slashed at a handshake event in Iwate
Akb48 1401021674 af org

Iriyama Anna and Kawaei Rina

It was reported that there was an injury case during AKB48's handshake event held at Iwate Industrial Culture Center Apio on May 25. AKB48 members Kawaei Rina, Iriyama Anna, and a staff member were injured.
According to the source, all three individuals sustained hand injuries, and were transported to a hospital. It is unknown how serious their injuries are, but they are all conscious, and it does not seem to be life-threatening.
The sponsor explained it was around 5:00 pm when they called police and stated that 'a man with an edged tool went on a rampage.'
Iwate Prefectural Police arrested the man on suspicion of attempted murder, and they said, "The man suddenly attacked them with a saw." According to NHK's report, it was a 24-year-old man from Towada, Iwate, and he accepted the charge.
The handshake event began at 1:00 pm, and many members were in attendance. However, they did not make a possession check of visitors during their entrance.
May 23, 2014 - The preliminary results of AKB48's 6th General Election have been revealed
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2014 7 30 on sale 15th.Single 不器用太陽 MV(special edit ver02:23

2014 7 30 on sale 15th.Single 不器用太陽 MV(special edit ver.)

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【MV】イビサガール NMB48 公式 (Short ver01:26

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Ibiza Girl (MV)

新予告 DOCUMENTARY OF AKB48 The time has come AKB48 公式01:01

新予告 DOCUMENTARY OF AKB48 The time has come AKB48 公式


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Did you know...

  • ...that Fujie Reina is the only AKB48 member and including AKB48's sister groups that has a relative in Hello! Project.
  • ...that Yamada Nana is the only NMB48 member and including the sister groups that has a relative in Johhny's Entertaiment.
  • ...that Maeda Atsuko's graduation announcement is AKB48's biggest surprise announcement in AKB48 History.
  • ...that they often call their 28th single UZA, the most difficult dance in AKB48 history .
  • ...that Shinoda Mariko is the first member to announce her graduation in a Senbatsu Election
  • ...that in AKB48's documentary, Kashiwagi Yuki said, "I heard them (Staff) saying before that "If you want to be center, then you need to better than Maeda-san"", meaning that the members have to be better than Maeda Atsuko to be center.
  • ...that AKB48 is the fourth group in Japan to Live Stream on Youtube. The first group being Hello! Project group C-ute, the second being Hello! Project group Buono!, and the third being Hello! Project group S/mileage.
  • ...that JKT48 is the first AKB48 sister group to be outside of Japan.
  • ...that SNH48 is the youngest AKB48 sister group.
  • ...that AKB48 member Umeda Ayaka auditioned, in 2004, for Morning Musume's 7th Generation, but failed.
  • ...that AKB48 member Kojima Haruna would have rather auditioned for Morning Musume than AKB48.
  • ...that AKB48 member Maeda Atsuko's first CD that she ever bought was LOVE Machine.
  • ...that AKB48 started doing to Request Hour Set List Best 100 and the Senbatsu Elections when they switched Labels.
  • ...that there are only 3 1st Generation members left in AKB48.
  • ...that there are only 4 2nd Generation members left in AKB48.
  • ...that there are only 6 3rd Generation members in AKB48.
  • ...that AKB48 has three Guinness World Records. One record is "Pop Group With The Most Amount Of Members", and the second one is "Most Number of Same Product Television Endorsement within 24 Hours", and the third one is "The Most Number of Pop Singers Featured in a Video Game".

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