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AKB48 Nozawa Rena 2014
Nozawa Rena is a member of AKB48's Team B. She is the first overseas member to hold a Concurrent Position. Her Concurrent Position in JKT48 Team J was revoked at AKB48 Group Dai Sokaku Matsuri and she was transferred to AKB48 Team B
...Read more about Nozawa Rena

AKB48 Wikia 5th Anniversary

B4fqJJNCQAIBmsT.jpg large
On January 30, 2015, AKB48 Wikia turned 5 years since i created it. I'm happy right know, on how far the wikia has come.
Also we will celebrate AKB48's 10 Anniversary this year.
- SweetS30

Recent ALL48 News

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February 21, 2015 - Watanabe Mayu starring in TV drama "Tatakau! Shoten Girl"
AKB48 center Watanabe Mayu (渡辺麻友) starring in FujiTV TV upcoming spring season TV drama "Tatakau! Shoten Girl" (戦う!書店ガール, literally meaning: Fight! Bookshop Girl), Watanabe Mayu will coo-star with Inamori Izumi (稲森いずみ).
"Tatakau! Shoten Girl" is Watanabe Mayu first starring TV drama which broadcast at prime time (22:00 p.m.) Watanabe Mayu announced "It will not be idol Mayuyu, please look forward actress Watanabe Mayu". "Tatakau! Shoten Girl" will be aired in April (Tuesdays, at 22:00 p.m.) FujiTV official website
February 21, 2015 - Nogizaka46's Matsumura Sayuri and Hashimoto Nanami becomes an exclusive model of CanCam
Nogizaka46 members Matsumura Sayuri (松村沙友理) and Hashimoto Nanami (橋本奈々未)
are selected as exclusive model for Japanese fashion magazine "CanCam". Matsumura Sayuri and Hashimoto Nanami will appear on "CanCam" (2015 May issue), that issue will be released at 23 March 2015.
February 20, 2015 - Fukagawa Maiko HKT48 was down in live performance
HKT48 Team KIV member Fukagawa Maiko (深川舞子) was down suddenly in the middle of LIVE performance in Theatre at 20 February 2015.
Fukagawa Maiko was sent to hospital immediately with manager, then she has regained consciousness and able to talk to manager, now she is receiving a medical examination. HKT48 official blog
February 19, 2015 - AKB48 gets New Social Media interface on official site

PC version


Mobile ver.

AKB48 has updated their official web site at 19 February 2015 (00:00 a.m.), the new interface main feature is to adds a new "Social Timeline" which will follow members' social media updates.
February 18, 2015 - SKE48's Matsui Rena will appear on Hokuriku Shinkansen Kanazawa Open Ceremony

Matsui Rena

SKE48 Matsui Rena (松井玲奈) will appear on Japanese high-speed railway "Hokuriku Shinkansen" (北陸新幹線) Kanazawa (金沢) Open Ceremony.
The ceremony will be live broadcast on Ishikawa TV at 14 March 2015., it will be Ishikawa TV 45th special show, Matsui Rena will be special reporter on the show.
Remarks: Matsui Rena is a railfan Ishikawa TV web

Latest ALL48 Releases

Watanabe Miyuki - Yasashiku Suru Yori Kisu wo Shite - December 24, 2014
JKT48 - Kaze wa Fuiteiru - December 24, 2014
AKB48 - Koko ga Rhodes da, Koko de Tobe! - January 21, 2015

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Upcoming ALL48 Releases

AKB48 - Green Flash - March 4, 2015
乃木坂46 - Inochi wa Utsukushii - March 18, 2015
SKE48 - Coquettish Juutai Chuu - March 31, 2015
NMB48 - Don't look back! - March 31, 2015
DOCUMENTARY of SKE48 "Yume wo Otte Shissou suru Shoujotachi no Roku-Nenkan no Monogatari" - February 27, 2015
DOCUMENTARY of NMB48 - August 2015
DOCUMENTARY of HKT48 - November 2015
DOCUMENTARY of Nogizaka46 - May 2015

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Latest ALL48 Concert and Events

JKT48 - JKT48 Nationwide Tour - June 22, 2014 ~ TBA
AKB48 - Team 8 National Tour 〜47 no Suteki na Machi e〜 - December 23, 2014 ~ TBA

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February 28, 2015
AKB48 logo(pink) Moriwaki Yui
SKE48 Oba Misaki
SKE48 Wada Aina

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Umeda Ayaka
Umeta Ayano
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Recent Music Videos

2016年公開 「DOCUMENTARY of AKB48」解禁映像 AKB48 公式04:04

2016年公開 「DOCUMENTARY of AKB48」解禁映像 AKB48 公式


【MV】希望的リフレイン Short ver01:38

【MV】希望的リフレイン Short ver. AKB48 公式

Kibouteki Refrain (MV)

【MV】希望的リフレイン -LIVE ver.- Short ver01:28

【MV】希望的リフレイン -LIVE ver.- Short ver. AKB48 公式

Kibouteki Refrain Live Ver. (MV)

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