Aramaki Misaki
Aramaki Misaki 2016
Aramaki Misaki, 2016
Nickname Mirun (みるん?)
Birthdate January 28, 2001 (2001-01-28) (age 16)
Birthplace Fukuoka, Japan
Zodiac Sign Aquarius Aquarius
Height 144cm
Professional Information
Genres J-Pop
Occupation Singer, Idol
Years Active 2013-present
(4 years)
Agency AKS
Group HKT48
Team Team TII
Generation 3rd Generation HKT48
Associated Acts HKT48, AKB48, SKE48, Keyakizaka46

Aramaki Misaki is a HKT48 Team TII member.

Team History

Singles Participation

HKT48 A-Sides

HKT48 B-Sides

AKB48 B-Sides


Blueberry Pie

Stage Units

RS3 (Nounai Paradise)
Honehone Waltz (Under)
HW1 (Pajama Drive)
Tenshi no Shippo
Pajama Drive
Kagami no Naka no Jean Da Arc
H2 (Seishun Girls)
Ame no Doubutsuen (Under)
HW2 (Tadaima Renaichuu)
7ji 12fun no Hatsukoi
KIV2 (Saishuu Bell ga naru)
Hatsukoi Dorobou (Support)

Concert Units

HKT48 Kyushu 7 Prefecture Tour ~Kawaii Ko ni wa Tabi wo Saseyo~

Oita Iichiko Grand Theater
Kumamoto Kenritsu Gekijou
Kagoshima Shimin Bunka Hall
Saga Shimin Kaikan
Nagasaki Brick Hall

HKT48 Kyushu 7 Prefecture Tour ~Kawaii Ko ni wa Motto Tabi wo Saseyo~

Makuhari Messe
Osaka-jo Hall
Nippon Gaishi Hall

HKT48 3rd anniversary

HKT48 National Tour ~Zenkoku Toitsu Owatoranken~

Japanese Locations
Taipei, Taiwan
Hong Kong
Yokohama Arena

HKT48 Spring Live Tour ~Sashiko du Soleil 2016~

Media Appearances

Variety Shows


  • Hobbies: Collecting sea related things
  • Special Skill: Riding thrill-rides poker-faced, Ballet (which she started learning at age 3)
  • Charm point: Dimples
  • Favorite food: Macaroons, mixed fruit yogurt, her mom's handmade cream-sponge cake, orange jelly, cheese
  • Favorite 48Group songs: Pajama Drive, Wimbledon e Tsuretette, Seifuku Resistance
  • Member of the official HKT48 sub-unit Blueberry Pie
  • Wants to become like Audrey Hepburn
  • Like to read books, especially diaries like those of Clara Schumann and Anne Frank
  • Has a strong fondness for everything related to the oceans
  • Is surprisingly strong, her classmates in elementary school nicknamed her "Kinko-chan", the girl version of a superhumanly strong boy from folklore called "Kintaro"
  • Likes pink & pastel colours, hamsters & cats, summer & winter
  • Dislikes tomatoes, carrots and sticky hairsprays
  • Is still very shy around her seniors and refuses to call them by their nicknames
  • Looks up to Shimazaki Haruka
  • She failed HKT48's 2nd generation auditions, where she became friends with Inoue Yuriya
  • Her favorite seniors in HKT48 are Ota Aika and Motomura Aoi
  • Among HKT48's 3rd generation, she is close with Sakamoto Erena and Kurihara Sae
  • Her rivals are Yabuki Nako, Tanaka Miku and Sakamoto Erena


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