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Cabasuka Gakuen (キャバすか学園?) is said to be the newest addition to the Majisuka Gakuen Series.

Story Plot

AKB48 Cabasuka Gakuen Cast 1

Majisuka Jyogakuen was in danger of being closed-down due to the declaration of bankruptcy by it's primary parent company which was sponsoring it. Saionji, a legendary Cabakura (Cabaret Club) Producer, offers the school's top members to open their own Club and win that year's Cabaret Club General Elections to clear the debt. They are going to need to raise the funds despite being overwhelmed by Antonio's Club, Ikeike Tattoo, which won 3 years in a row.


Majisuka/Cabasuka/Suizokukan Side
Ikeike Tattoo Side

Other Characters

  • Nishino Nanase - mysterious umbrella female yankii, appears in episode 1.
  • Abe Ryohei - Nakano
  • Yabe Kyosuke - Jinyama Taichi, Ryuto Gang Boss (ep 2)
  • Okada Koki - Maeda, IT Company Head (eps 2, 3)
  • Haraguchi Akimasa - Haraguchi Akimasa, Monomane Talent (ep 2)
  • Koura Kazumasa - President Nakabayashi, President of Nakabayashi Group (ep 2)
  • Ashikawa Makoto - Ishida, Major TV Station Chief Producer (ep 2)
  • Inaba Yu - Tsujimoto Tsuyoshi, System Engineer (ep 3)
  • Matsumura Kaori - featured in episode 3, image only
  • ??? - Nakamura, Event Company Head (ep 3)
  • ??? - Gokoku (ep 3)
  • ??? - Takenaka Shoichi, Novelist (ep 3)
  • Yanagi Yurei - Scoutman (ep 3)

Episode List

Episode Hulu Date NTV Date Episode Hulu Date NTV Date
Episode 1 October 30 October 30 Episode 6
Episode 2 October 30 November 6 Episode 7
Episode 3 November 6 November 13 Episode 8
Episode 4 November 13 November 27 Episode 9
Episode 5 November 27 December 3 Episode 10



  • Names with "-chan" in Suizokukan's side are the Cabakura names
  • Suizokukan (水族館?) translates to "aquarium", thus the Cabakura names the Majijo characters use are based on marine animals.

Showroom Event

A Showroom Event was made for members who would like to appear in the series, with the help of fans. The Showroom ran from November 14 (17:00) to 16 (23:59) 2011 JST.

Rank Participants
1 Shinozaki Ayana
2 Fujita Nana
3 Mogi Shinobu
4 Kojima Natsuki
5 Sasaki Yukari
6 Yumoto Ami
7 Oya Shizuka
8 Nakamura Mariko
9 Nakata Chisato
10 Tanabe Miku
11 Izuta Rina

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