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Crows Blood Hulu

Crow's Blood is a horror suspense drama miniseries featuring the members of AKB48 Group.


AKB48 Group

Crows Blood Diagram

Character Relation Chart

Other Actors

  • Miura Takahiro as Sawada Takeshita
  • Hasegawa Tomoharu as Ogasawara Kouji
  • Kaku Tomohiro as Tachibana Yoshio
  • Bessho Tetsuya as Seto Akihito
  • Maiko as Mrs. Tamura
  • Dan Mitsu as Yoshikawa Eiko
  • Nagae Hidekazu as The Principal
  • Charles Glover as Gary Gurossuman
  • Matsuo Satoshi as Dr. Seto's unnamed assistant replacing Tachibana
  • Lily Franky as Mortician
  • Someya Shota as the mysterious young man who spoke to Dr. Seto at the beginning of the series
  • KIrishima Reika as Utsui Sawako
  • Kurosawa Asuka as Isozaki Akemi
  • Katsuya as Takuma Shigeo


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