HKT48 HakataHyakkaten DVD

HaKata Hyakkaten DVD Box

HaKaTa Hyakkaten (HaKaTa百貨店, HaKaTa Department Store?) is a TV Program exclusively made for members of HKT48 as means to acquire fans from their sister groups and learn from them at the same time.

On the third season, instead of the usual Sister Group members, their guests now comprises of various entertainers who are either "not interested" or have "little knowledge" of HKT48 members, dubbed as "Anti-HKT48" (アンチHKT48 Anchi HKT48?). This season also has it's "ANNEX" portion where a member is selected to become MC for an episode instead of Sasshi.

The Program is currently in it's third season with Sashihara Rino acting as MC.

Participating Members

Super Buyer/Sales Representative:

Recomended Members:

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