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Regular Edition A


Limited Edition A

【MV】ハロウィン・ナイト Short ver01:45

【MV】ハロウィン・ナイト Short ver. AKB48 公式

Halloween Night (Short MV)

Halloween Night is the main song from AKB48's 41st single Halloween Night, by Senbatsu.


Mandarin Title
Kanji Title
Romaji Title
English Title
Halloween Night
Halloween Night (AKB48)
Halloween Night (JKT48)
Halloween Night (SNH48)

Performing Members

Music Video Information

The PV was directed by Seki Kabuki, who has worked on PVs for well-known artists. The makeup was done by JIRO, one of the top 10 notable artists in the world for 'Make-up Artist Magazine'. For some members, it took about 8 hours to perfect the makeup.

In the PV, the members time slip into the golden age of disco. The shoot took about 2 days recruiting people who danced disco during the '70s and '80s as extras. Papaya Suzuki, who was in charge of the dance for "Koi Suru Fortune Cookie", choreographed the dance for this song.

Members Halloween Costumes


MemberCostume Theme
Sashihara Rinoカラスモチーフの魔女 (Crow motif Witch)
Kashiwagi Yuki猛獣使いのS女王 (Wild Beast Charmer S Queen)
Watanabe Mayu操りフランス人形 (French Puppet Doll)
Takahashi Minamiブリキの猫 (Tin Cat)
Matsui Jurina蜘蛛 (Spider)
Yamamoto Sayaka西洋の騎士の亡霊 (Western Knight Ghost)
Miyawaki Sakuraブラックピエロ (Black Pierrot)
Miyazawa Saeフランケンシュタイン (Frankenstein)
Shimazaki Harukaガイコツ (Skeleton)
Yokoyama Yuiドラキュラ (Dracula)
Kitahara Rie海賊の亡霊 (Pirate Ghost)
Watanabe Miyukiウサギのぬいぐるみ (Stuffed Rabbit Doll)
Matsumura Kaori青髪のミイラ男 (Blue-haired Mummy Man)
Takayanagi Akane 双子のメイドの片割れ (Twin Maid Half)
Shibata Aya
Muto Tomuオオカミ (Wolf)


MemberCostume Theme
Jessica Veranda TanumihardjaFallen Angel
Nakagawa HarukaJack O' Lantern
Melody Nurramdhani LaksaniBanshee
Shania JunianathaSuccubus
Devi Kinal PutriMad Hatter
Priscillia Sari DewiPocong
Nabilah Ratna Ayu AzaliaWhite Rabbit
Ratu Vienny FitrilyaWitch
Cindy YuviaLittle Red Rinding Hood
Ayana ShahabCorpse Bride
Ghaida FarisyaBeetle Juice
Beby Chaesara AnadilaBride of Frankenstein
Michelle Christo KusnadiMarionette
Elaine HartantoWind-up Doll
Viviyona AprianiWednesdays Addams
Lidya Maulida DjuhandarWerewolf

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