HKT48 Hikaeme I love you Type A

Hikaeme I love you! Regular A

【MV】アイドルの王者 Team H (Short ver00:49

【MV】アイドルの王者 Team H (Short ver.) HKT48 公式

Idol no Oujya short ver.

Idol no Ouja (アイドルの王者?) is a coupling song from HKT48's 4th single Hikaeme I love you!, by Team H.

Basic Information

  • Title (Romaji/English): Idol no Ouja (Idol Queen)
  • Title (Kanji/Kana): アイドルの王者 (アイドルのおうじゃ?)
  • Single: Hikaeme I love you!
  • Artist: HKT48
  • Lyrics: Akimoto Yasushi
  • Composition: cAnON
  • Arrangement: K3CP

Performing Members

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