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【MV】恋するフォーチュンクッキー AKB48 公式05:23

【MV】恋するフォーチュンクッキー AKB48 公式

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (MV)

JKT48 & Fans - "Fortune Cookie in Love - Fortune Cookie Yang Mencinta"04:55

JKT48 & Fans - "Fortune Cookie in Love - Fortune Cookie Yang Mencinta"

Fortune Cookie in Love - Fortune Cookie Yang Mencinta (PV)

SNH48 - 爱的幸运曲奇 (恋するフォーチュンクッキー) Christmas ver06:16

SNH48 - 爱的幸运曲奇 (恋するフォーチュンクッキー) Christmas ver. MV

SNH48 - Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (Christmas Ver.)

Koi Suru Fortune Cookie is the main song from AKB48's 32nd single Koi Suru Fortune Cookie, by Senbatsu.


Kana Title
Romaji Title
English Title
Fortune Cookie in Love
Chinese Title
Pinyin Title
Ài de xìngyùn qū qí
Indonesian Title
Fortune Cookie Yang Mencinta
Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (AKB48)
Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (JKT48)
Tsugi no Ashiato (AKB48)
Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (SNH48)

Performing Members




Koi Suru Fortune Cookies Video Award

Staff Ver.

Staff going in order by Music Video
  • AKB48 Group Manager
  • AKB48 Assistant Theater Manager
  • AKB48 Footage Supervisor (Kitagawa Kenji)
  • HKT48 Theater "Friends"
  • AKB48 Office / Fleet Management
  • SKE48 Specialist Trainer
  • AKB48 Cafe Staff
  • NMB48 Theater Staff
  • SKE48 Hair / Make up / Costumes
  • SKE48 Lighting / Sound Staff
  • AKB48 Theater Staff
  • SKE48 Driver / Management / Office Staff
  • AKB48 Management / ex-HKT48 Theater Manager
  • AKB48 Theater Staff
  • SKE48 Theater Staff
  • AKB48 Management
  • AKB48 Writer / Head Of Management Supervision HQ / Accountant
  • NMB48 Footage Staff / Camera Man
  • AKB48 On Demand Team
  • AKB48 Footage Editing Team
  • HKT48 Theater Manager
  • SKE48 Theater Security
  • Catering personnel
  • AKB48 Costume Team
  • JKE48 Theater "Friends"
  • AKB48 Management
  • AKB48 PR Department / Music and Publishing Supervisor
  • AKB48 Fleet Management / Driver
  • AKB48 Management Supervision HQ / Producer
  • AKB48 Group Footage Team
  • SKE48 Hair / Make-up
  • NMB48 Theater Manager
  • HKT48 Management
  • Recording Team / Team Insomnia
  • The Team Behind This Video (Assist. Director / Director / Camera)
  • NMB48 Stage Team
  • SKE48 Theater Staff
  • AKB48 Concert Management Staff
  • AKB48 Costume Team
  • SKE48 Footage Team / Choreography / Management
  • AKB48 Cafe Staff
  • AKB48 Camera Man (Pancho) / Manager
  • AKB48 Specialist Trainer
  • NMB48 On Demand Team
  • Friends from King Records
  • SKE48 theater Manager
  • AKB48 Stage Staff
  • AKB48 Footage Editors
  • NMB48 Shop Staff
  • Concert footage live streaming chief / assistant
  • Concert footage live streaming recording team

Concert Performances



  • Sashihara Rino
  • Oshima Yuko
  • Watanabe Mayu
  • Kashiwagi Yuki
  • Shinoda Mariko
  • Matsui Jurina
  • Matsui Rena
  • Takahashi Minami
  • Kojima Haruna
  • Miyazawa Sae
  • Itano Tomomi
  • Shimazaki Haruka
  • Yokoyama Yui
  • Yamamoto Sayaka
  • Watanabe Miyuki
  • Suda Akari

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