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Majisuka Gakuen Stage 2
Majisuka Gakuen Stage 2 cast list

cast list preview from AKBINGO! ep390

Butai "Majisuka Gakuen" ~Lost in the Supermarket~ (舞台「マジすか学園」~Lost In The SuperMarket~, Stage "Majisuka Gakuen" ~Lost In The SuperMarket~?) is the 2nd Musical Stage Show from the Majisuka Gakuen Series. It will be shown on July 25 to August 5, 2016 at the Akasaka ACT Theater.

AKB48 Cast

  • Kashiwagi Yuki as Black - Alumni. Former Rappapa Queen. Works at a Supermarket. Has a son.
  • Okada Nana as Katabutsu - 3rd Year.
  • Oshima Ryoka as Wuzhen (ウーチン?) - Rappapa Queen. Leader of Team Monja.
  • Takahashi Juri as Ikanome (イカノメ?) - Rappapa Queen. Leader of Team Okonomi. Uonome's younger twin sister.
  • Tano Yuka as Uvall (ウヴァル?) - Rappapa Queen. 1st Year.
  • Kojima Mako as Kamaboko (カマボコ?) - Rappapa Queen. 1st Year. Kamisori's younger sister.
  • Oda Erina as Sukinashi (スキナシ?) - Team Monja member.
  • Sasaki Yukari as CG - Team Monja member.
  • Nomura Nao as Texas (テキサス?) - Team Monja member.
  • Fukuoka Seina as Hannama (ハンナマ?) - Team Monja member. (replacing Shinozaki Ayana)
  • Yumoto Ami as Orakio (オラキオ?) - Team Monja member.
  • Gotou Moe as Ojuken (オジュケン?) - Team Okonomi member.
  • Komiyama Haruka as Pelican (ペリカン?) - Team Okonomi member.
  • Nakanishi Chiyori as Kandore (カンドレ?) - Team Okonomi member.
  • Nishino Miki as Nishigori (ニシゴリ?) - Team Okonomi member.
  • Mogi Shinobu as Utena (ウテナ?) - Team Okonomi member.

Extended Cast

  • Nishioka Tokuma as Kiseno (キセノ?) - Black's boss. Owner of a Supermarket.
  • Ino Satoshi as Agabe (アガベ?) - member of Makabe Group.
  • Kote Shinya as Kamatari (カマタリ?) - member of Makabe Group.
  • Kanematsu Wakato as Chiaki (チアキ?) - member of Makabe Group.


  • Shinozaki Ayana was replaced by Fukuoka Seina due to health and schedule problems.

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