Must be now
Released: October 7, 2015
Genre: J-Pop
Format: CD Single, CD+DVD
Label: You, Be Cool!/KING RECORDS
Producer: Akimoto Yasushi
NMB48 Singles Chronology
Durian Shounen
12th Single
Amagami Hime
14th Single
【MV】Must be now (Dance ver03:52

【MV】Must be now (Dance ver.) NMB48 公式

NMB48 - Must be now (Dance Ver.)

"Must be now" is the thirteenth single released by NMB48. The single was released in seven versions: three limited CD+DVD versions in types A, B, and C, three regular CD+DVD versions in types A, B, and C, and a regular CD only edition.


Included Members

"Must be now"

Senbatsu (選抜) (9 Members)

"Kataomoi Yori mo Omoide wo..."

"Yume ni Iro ga Nai Riyuu"

Team N (チームN) (16 Members)

"Good-bye, Guitar"

Team M (チームM) (19 Members)

"Kufuku de Renai wo Suru na"

Team BII (チームBII) (17 Members)

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