NGT48 Kenkyuusei (NGT48チーム研究生; NGT48 Research Students) are trainee idols from NGT48. They fill in for absent members in the theater and are promoted to official members of NGT48 to replace graduated members.

NGT48 Research Students

2016 NGT48 KKS

NGT48 Kenkyuusei, 2016

  • Otaki Yuria - 1st Generation (大滝・ゆりあん Otaki, Yurian)
  • Kado Yuria - 1st Generation (ゆーりん Yuurin)
  • Kusakabe Aina - 1st Generation (あいにゃー Ainya)
  • Seiji Reina - 1st Generation (れいにゃー・れいな Reinya, Reina)
  • Takahashi Mau - 1st Generation (まうちゃん・まうまう Mauchan, MauMau)
  • Nakamura Ayuka - 1st Generation (あゆたろう Ayutarou)
  • Nara Miharu - 1st Generation (みはちゃん Mihachan)
  • Nishimura Nanako - 1st Generation (なーちゃん Naachan)
  • Mizusawa Ayaka - 1st Generation (みーずん Miizun)
  • Miyajima Aya - 1st Generation (あやにゃん・あやや Ayanyan, Ayaya)

  • N/A


  • NGT48 Kenkyuusei, Late 2016
  • NGT48 Kenkyuusei, Early 2016

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