NMB48 Geinin Movie

NMB48 Geinin! THE MOVIE Owarai Seishun Girls!

NMB48 Geinin! THE MOVIE Owarai Seishun Girls! (NMB48 げいにん!THE MOVIE お笑い青春ガールズ!?) is a movie based on NMB48 Geinin! but has a different background from the shows' first and second seasons. The movie was released August 1, 2013.

Owarai Club

The Owarai Club mirrors the original characters from NMB48 Geinin! Series with a few slight changes in their personal backgrounds.

The Owarai Club's ace
Transfer Student, wants to join the Owarai Club
The Owarai Club's writer, and Sayaka's childhood friend

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