Namba Teppotai

NMBT Flag from Sunahama de Pistol MV

Namba Teppotai (難波鉄砲隊 Namba Gun Team?) or NMB T is a unit in NMB48 singles. In each single, the unit has a different "Sequence Number" (其之○; Sono <number>?) similar to generations. Namba Teppotai are in charge of the Type-C coupling songs in NMB48 single, replacing NMB7.

Sono Ichi


Sunahama de Pistol

Sono Ni

Kitagawa Kenji

Fuyushougun no Regret

Sono San

Bokura no Eureka

Hinadande wa Boku no Miryoku wa Ikinainda

Sono Shi


Mou Hadashi ni Hanarenai

Sono Go

Takane no Ringo

Yama e Ikou


  • The numbering system used in each generation are numerical kanji used for legal documents [ichi ( one?)] instead of the commonly used kanji [ichi ( one?)].

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