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Otona Jelly Beans


Single by Watanabe Mayu
Type A Cover


Single by Watanabe Mayu
Type B Cover


Single by Watanabe Mayu
Type C Cover

Released: July 25, 2012
Genre: J-Pop
Format: CD Single, CD+DVD
Label: Sony Music Entertainment
Producer: Akimoto Yasushi
Watanabe Mayu Singles Chronology
Synchro Tokimeki
1st Single
Hikaru Monotachi
3rd Single

Otona Jelly Beans Promo Image

Otona Jelly Beans is Watanabe Mayu's second solo single. This was a single to show the more adult side of Mayu as she is often called 'CG' (Cyborg Girl).

CD Information

  • Artist
    Watanabe Mayu
  • Release Date
  • Label
    Sony Music Entertainment
    (Limited Edition Type A, CD+DVD) / SRCL-7874 / ¥1,600
    (Limited Edition Type B, CD+DVD) / SRCL-7876 / ¥1,600
    (Limited Edition Type C, CD+DVD) / SRCL-7878 / ¥1,600
    (Regular Edition, CD) / SRCL-7880 / ¥1,200


  1. Otona Jelly Beans (大人ジェリービーンズ)
  2. Saisho no Jack (最初のジャック)
    • (Type A Exclusive track) Itsu Demo Soba ni Ite Ageru (いつでも そばにいてあげる)
    • (Type B Exclusive track) Twin Tail wa Mou Shinai (ツインテールはもうしない)
    • (Type C Exclusive track) Zannen Shoujo (残念少女)
    • (Regular Edition Exclusive track) Koyubi no Hohoemi (小指の微笑み)
  3. Otona Jelly Beans (大人ジェリービーンズ) (Instrumental)
  4. Saisho no Jack (最初のジャック) (Instrumental)
    • (Type A Exclusive track) Itsu Demo Soba ni Ite Ageru (いつでも そばにいてあげる) (Instrumental)
    • (Type B Exclusive track) Twin Tail wa Mou Shinai (ツインテールはもうしない) (Instrumental)
    • (Type C Exclusive track) Zannen Shoujo (残念少女) (Instrumental)
    • (Regular Edition Exclusive track) Koyubi no Hohoemi (小指の微笑み) (Instrumental)
  1. Otona Jelly Beans (大人ジェリービーンズ) (Music Video)
  2. Otona Jelly Beans (大人ジェリービーンズ) (Music Video Making)
    • (Type A Exclusive track) Mayu to - Minna no Otona o Itadaki Mayuyu
    • (Type B Exclusive track) Twin Tail wa Mou Shinai - Mayuzaka46 (Music Video)
    • (Type C Exclusive track) Watanabe Mayu x Hirajima Natsumi Interview

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