Overture is the opening song present on all stages and performances from AKB48 and their respective sister groups. Every 48 Group have their own version of overture.

This song in particular is the only one known to be not sung by any member of AKB48 Sister Groups (with the exception of the SDN48 version), but is still associated with them. The artist best known for this particular song is DJ Taz.[1]

AKB48 Request Hour


Overture AKB4800:57

Overture AKB48

AKB48 Overture

【高音質】 SKE48 - Overture (MP3)01:03

【高音質】 SKE48 - Overture (MP3)

SKE48 Overture

YYG 3rd overture SDN48ver01:11

YYG 3rd overture SDN48ver

SDN48 Overture

NMB48 overture FULL live音源高音質 mix有り00:55

NMB48 overture FULL live音源高音質 mix有り

NMB48 Overture

HKT48 overture00:59

HKT48 overture

HKT48 Overture

JKT48 Overture00:59

JKT48 Overture

JKT48 Overture

(To Be Added)


  • Overture is a term originally applied to the instrumental introduction to an opera and was popular during the Romantic Era.


  1. AKBINGO! Episode 187

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