SKE48 8th Generation Auditions (SKE48第8期生オーディション?) is an SKE48 project. It is the first SKE48 Audition proper (second in AKB48 Group) to collaborate with the Showroom website as one of it's audition stages.

Audition Application

The audition applications were held between 2016 August 10 to September 9.


  • Girls between ages 11 to 22 years old. No experience required.
  • Doesn't belong to any other talent agency prior to the auditions.
  • Native residents.
  • After passing, can start activities as SKE48 Kenkyuuseis, and attend regular activities in SKE48 Theater.


Candidates' Showrooms were held between 2016 October 20 to 26.

SKE48 8th Generation Members

External Links

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