SKE48's Kenkyuusei (研究生). They fill in for absent members in the theater and are promoted to official members of SKE48 to replace graduated members.They currently have 20 kenkyuuseis.


7th Generation

8th Generation

  • Hiramatsu Kanako - 1st Generation (かなかな Kanakana) (Team S)
  • Sato Seira - 1st Generation (せぇ〜ら See~ra) (Team KII)
  • Sato Mieko - 1st Generation (姉さん Neesan) (Team KII)
  • Wakabayashi Tomoka - 2nd Generation (ともにゃん Tomonyan) (Team KII)
  • Ogiso Shiori - 3rd Generation (しおりん Shiorin) (Team KII)
  • Kinoshita Yukiko - 3rd Generation (ゆっこ Yukko) (Team S)
  • Suda Akari - 3rd Generation (あかりん Akarin) (Team S)
  • Kizaki Yuria - 3rd Generation (ゆりあ Yuria) (Team S)
  • Kato Rumi - 2nd Generation (るみ Rumi) (Team S)
  • Isohara Kyoka - 2nd Generation (きょん Kyon) (Team E)
  • Ueno Kasumi- 3rd Generation (かっちゃん Kacchan) (Team E)
  • Umemoto Madoka - 4th Generation (うめちゃん Umechan) (Team E)
  • Kaneko Shiori - 4th Generation (きんちゃん Kinchan) (Team E)
  • Kimoto Kanon - 4th Generation (のん Non) (Team E)
  • Kobayashi Ami - 4th Generation (こあみ Koami) (Team E)
  • Sakai Mei - 4th Generation (めいめい Meimei) (Team E)
  • Shibata Aya - 4th Generation (あや Aya) (Team E)
  • Takagi Yumana - 4th Generation (ゆまな Yumana) (Team E)
  • Takeuchi Mai - 4th Generation (竹内せんぱい Takeuchi Senpai) (Team E)
  • Tsuzuki Rika - 4th Generation (りかちゅう Rikachu) (Team E)
  • Nakamura Yuka - 4th Generation (中村くん Nakamurakun) (Team E)
  • Hara Minami - 4th Generation (みなぽん Minapon) (Team E)
  • Mano Haruka - 2nd Generation (はるるん Harurun) (Team E)
  • Yamashita Yukari - 4th Generation (ゆかぴ Yukapi) (Team E)
  • Yamada Erika - 3rd Generation (えり Eri) (Team E)
  • Abiru Riho - 2nd Generation (りほ Riho) (Team KII)
  • Goto Risako - 3rd Generation (りさちゃん Risachan) (Team KII)
  • Hata Sawako - 3rd Generation (しゃわこ Shawako) (Team KII)
  • Yakata Miki - 3rd Generation (みき Miki) (Team KII)
  • Kito Momona - 2nd Generation (もも Momo) (Team S)
  • Suga Nanako - 5th Generation (なんなん Nannan) (Team S)
  • Iguchi Shiori - 2nd Generation (イグッち Igucchi) (Team KII)
  • Furuhata Nao - 5th Generation (なお Nao) (Team E)
  • Uchiyama Mikoto - 2nd Generation (みこってぃー Mikottii) (Team E)
  • Saito Makiko - 2nd Generation (まきこ Makiko) (Team E)
  • Ego Yuna - 5th Generation (ゆうちゃん Yuuchan) (Team S)
  • Niidoi Sayaka - 5th Generation (さや Saya) (Team S)
  • Futamura Haruka - 5th Generation (はるたむ Harutamu) (Team KII)
  • Fujimoto Mizuki - 5th Generation (みっきー Mikkii) (Team KII)
  • Miyamae Ami - 5th Generation (あみ Ami) (Team E)
  • Mizuno Honoka - 4th Generation (ほの Hono) (Team E)
  • Azuma Rion - 6th Generation (アズマリオン Azumarion) (Team E)
  • Ichino Narumi - 5th Generation (なる Naru) (Team E)
  • Iwanaga Tsugumi - 5th Generation (つぐぽん Tsugupon) (Team E)
  • Yamada Mizuho - 5th Generation (みずほ Mizuho) (Team KII)
  • Owaki Arisa - 5th Generation (ありたん Aritan) (Team E)
  • Kitagawa Ryoha - 6th Generation (うは Uha) (Team S)
  • Kitano Ruka - 6th Generation (るかてぃん Rukatin) (Team KII)
  • Kumazaki Haruka - 6th Generation (くまちゃん Kumachan) (Team E)
  • Hidaka Yuzuki - 6th Generation (ひだかこんぶ Hidakakonbu) (Team KII)
  • Inuzuka Asana - 4th Generation (わんちゃん Wanchan) (Team S)
  • Noguchi Yume - 6th Generation (ゆめち Yumechi) (Team S)
  • Matsumura Kaori - 3rd Generation (かおたん Kaotan) (Team KII)
  • Aoki Shiori - 6th Generation (おしりん Oshirin) (Team KII)
  • Ida Reona - 6th Generation (れおな Reona) (Team E)
  • Kamata Natsuki - 6th Generation (なっきぃ Nakkyi) (Team E)
  • Takeuchi Saki - 6th Generation (さきぽん Sakipon) (Team KII)
  • Yamada Juna - 6th Generation (じゅなっこ Junnako) (Team S)
  • Obata Yuna - 7th Generation (ゆなな Yunana) (Team KII)
  • Goto Rara - 7th Generation (らら Rara) (Team E)
  • Shirai Kotono - 2nd Generation Draftee (こっちゃん Kocchan) (Team KII)
  • Sugawara Maya - 2nd Generation Draftee (まーやん Maayan) (Team E)
  • Sugiyama Aika - 7th Generation (あいあい Aiai) (Team S)
  • Nojima Kano - 7th Generation (かのちゃん Kanochan) (Team S)
  • Asai Yuka - 7th Generation (ゆうかたん Yukatan) (Team E)
  • Ota Ayaka - 7th Generation (あやめろ Ayamero) (Team KII)
  • Suenaga Oka - 7th Generation (おーちゃん Oochan, えな Ena) (Team E)
  • Takahata Yuki - 7th Generation (はたごん Hatagon) (Team E)
  • Machi Otoha - 7th Generation (まっち Macchi, おと Oto) (Team S)
  • Kamimura Ayuka - 2nd Generation Draftee (あーちゃん Aachan) (Team S)
  • Isshiki Rena - 2nd Generation Draftee (れなひゅー Renahyuu, れな Rena) (Team S)
  • Mizuno Airi - 2nd Generation Draftee (あいり Airi) (Team KII)


  • PARTY ga Hajimaru yo (PARTYが始まるよ / PARTY ga Hajimaru yo) [2010.02.16 ~ 2012.08.12 and 2015.07.06 ~ 2017.04.08]
  • Aitakatta (会いたかった / Aitakatta) [2012.02.27 ~ 2013.12.23]
  • Seifuku no Me (制服の芽 / Seifuku no Me) [2014.01.05 ~ 2014.04.19]
  • Upcoming Stage (アップカミング公演 / Upcoming Stage) [2014.06.29 ~ 2015.04.28]
  • Seishun Girls (青春ガールズ / Seishun Girls) [2017.04.14 ~ Present]

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