SKE48 no Magical Radio
Season 1
SKE48NoMagicalRadio Season1 Title
Air date Oct 11 - Dec 27, 2011
Season 2
"This is a story filled with love and tears set at a first class radio station about a bunch of non-first class people."
―SKE48 no Magical Radio(src)

SKE48 no Magical Radio (SKE48のマジカル・ラジオ?) is the first of three seasons of the SKE48 no Magical Radio series. The show focuses on the lives of the characters striving to make their radio program become the number 1 in the charts, it features a comedy-like drama with short batsu-game segments.

Episode List

Listener rate is 0%! A deity of salvation decends to prevent the show's cancellation!
Nakanishi Yuka
Itako Spirit
Marilyn Monroe

Tearful Escape from Poverty Operation! Get a Rich Sponsor by any means!
Shibata Aya
Uechi Haruna
Itako Spirit
Florence Nightingale

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