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SKE48 no Magical Radio 2
Season 2
SKE48NoMagicalRadio Season2 Title
Air date April 3 - June 26, 2012
Season 1
Season 3
"This is a story filled with love and tears set at a first class radio station about a bunch of non-first class people."
―SKE48 no Magical Radio(src)

SKE48 no Magical Radio 2 (SKE48のマジカル・ラジオ2?) is the second season of the SKE48 no Magical Radio series.

Episode List

Those guys're back! But Rena disappeared? This is an eventful beginning!
Rena's featured mousou location

ONIMARU-P Collapsed! Tre Bien, Talented producer who came from France?
Deguchi Aki
Mukaida Manatsu
Wakabayashi Tomoka
Ikeda Tetsuhiro
Rena's featured mousou location

Retrieve the lost key and memories! Famous Detectives gathered in a super challenging mystery!?
Shibata Aya
Kobayashi Katsuya
Rena's featured story location
Some random restaurant on a dark stormy night...

Majical Radio's Crisis Maxed! Love, Friendship, Radio, or Save the World?
Rena's featured mousou location
a random unknown airport...

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