So Long! (JKT48 Single)


Regular Edition Cover

Released: March, 2017
Genre: J-Pop
Format: CD+DVD, Music Download Card
Label: HITS Records
Producer: Akimoto Yasushi
Music Download Card Version


Music Download Card

JKT48 Singles Chronology
Saikou ka yo (JKT48 Single)
15th Single
Suzukake Nanchara
17th Single

So Long! Promotional Image

Included Members

"So Long!"

Senbatsu (選抜) (16 Members) (Jessica Veranda Tanumihardja Center)

"Ini Rhodes, Lompatlah!"

Selection Member (選抜) (16 Members) (WCenter Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia & Cindy Yuvia Center)


Team J (18 Members) (Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia Center)


Team KIII (24 Members) (Cindy Yuvia Center)

"Cinta Pertama, Butterfly"

Team T (19 Members) (Adhisty Zara & Made Devi Ranita Ningtara Centers)

"So Long! English Ver."

Senbatsu (選抜) (16 Members) (Jessica Veranda Tanumihardja Center)


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