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So Long! (Special Drama) is a special three-segment drama featuring the AKB48 Senbatsu members for the single So long! as the central characters. The story was divided into three parts for each of Teams A, K, and B.


AKB48 SoLong TeamA

Kawakami Fukaba is the only remaining member of the Broadcasting Club. While she was cleaning the clubroom, she encountered a strange cassette player that connects her to another member of the club 8 years earlier.

Team A Cast
Main Characters
Supporting Characters
Non-AKB Cast
Main Characters
  • Ishii Momoka - young Kawakami Fukaba
  • Suga Kenta - Morisawa Naozumi
  • Osugi Ren - Suzuki Teruo
Supporting Characters
  • Nishihara Nobuhiro
  • Motohashi Yuka
  • Kojima Ichika - Sae (Kawakami Fukaba's former friend in 2005)
  • Yoneyama Miku - (Kawakami Fukaba's former friend in 2005)
  • Hirata Saori (Tokyo City Ballet)
  • Koto Mai (Tokyo City Ballet)
  • Matsumoto Kaori (Tokyo City Ballet)

AKB48 SoLong TeamK

Miho is annoyed at her younger sister Tsubasa, who is trying to make her participate in a piano competition. Unknown to Miho, Tsubasa is hiding something from her.

Team K Cast
Main Characters
Supporting Characters
Non-AKB Cast
Main Characters
Supporting Characters

AKB48 SoLong TeamB

Asuka keeps a blog titled "Tsuki ga nai Sora" (Moonless Sky), where she writes about all her problems. The only person who comments on the blog is called Spaceboy (6B6), and seems to know more about Asuka than anyone in her class.

Team B Cast
Main Characters
Supporting Characters
Non-AKB Cast
Main Characters
Supporting Characters


  • Sashihara Rino, Yamamoto Sayaka, and Matsui Rena were the only Senbatsu members of So long! who did not appear in any of the drama episodes, because they're not part of Teams A, K, and B.
  • In Team B Episode, the blog contains hidden terms denoting Mitsuki (tsuki, moon), Asuka (a play on the name Asuka: "a sukai", can be read as "a sky" or "sora"), and Komiyama-sensei (Spaceboy, students call her 'alien').
  • Some elements of the stories have distinct similarities to Sakura Kara no Tegami.
    • Kawakami Fukaba (played by Watanabe Mayu) mentioned that she had a best friend named "Sae".
    • Miho (played by Oshima Yuko) was having a hard time balancing her feelings between finding a job and taking care of Tsubasa (played by Matsui Jurina); in Sakura Kara no Tegami, Maeda Atsuko played a slightly similar role, as she was torn between choosing between her resentment towards her father and her concern for him.
    • The homeroom teacher, Komiyama (played by Kojima Haruna), was suffering from an incurable ailment.

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