SKE48 Flag TeamE

Team E Flag (AKB48 Group Draft Meeting 2013)

SKE48's Team E (チームE). Their team color is Light Sea Green. They currently have 18 members, though 2 have announced their graduation.


(History: Team E)

SKE48 Team E Oct 2017

Team E, October 2017


  • 1st Stage (パジャマドライブ / Pajama Drive) [2011.01.16 ~ 2012.03.28]
  • 2nd Stage (逆上が / Saka Agari) [2012.05.14 ~ 2013.07.11]
  • 3rd Stage (僕の太陽 / Boku no Taiyou) [2013.07.24 ~ 2014.04.22]
  • 4th Stage (手をつなぎながら / Te wo Tsunaginagara) [2014.05.02 ~ 2016.09.01]
  • 5th Stage (SKEフェスティバル/ SKE Festival) [2016.09.09 ~ Present]

Team E Songs on SKE48 Albums & Singles

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