SNH48 Team HII Flag

Team HII Flag

Team HII (チームHII?, 现在Team H队?) is the third team formed for theater-based idol group SNH48. The team currently has 21 members, while the two currently on hiatus.


Zan Xiu



  • 1st Stage (青春派对 / Qīngchūn Pàiduì (Seishun Girls)) [2014.10.24 - 2015.05.24]
  • 2nd Stage (手牵手 / Shǒu Qiānshǒu (Te wo Tsunaginagara)) [2015.05.29 - 2016.03.20]
  • 3rd Stage (偶像的黎明 / Ǒuxiàng dí Límíng (Idol no Yoake)) [2016.03.26 - ]
  • 4th Stage () [2017]


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