SKE48 Flag TeamK

Team KII Flag
(AKB48 Group Draft Meeting 2013)

Team KII (チームKII) is the second team formed for theater-based idol group SKE48.


(History: Team KII)


  • 1st Stage 「会いたかった」 (SKE48 Team KII 1st Stage "Aitakatta") [2009.06.13-2009.11.29]
  • 2nd Stage 「手をつなぎなが」 (SKE48 Team KII 2nd Stage "Te wo Tsunaginagara") [2009.12.06-2010.11.30]
  • 3rd Stage 「ラムネの飲み方」(SKE48 Team KII 3rd Stage "Ramune no Nomikata") [2011.10.1~]

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