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Team Surprise (2014)

Member group

Team Surprise (2013)

Team surprise2

Team Surprise (2012)

Team Surprise (チーム サプライズ) is a AKB48 one-shot unit, created for a Pachinko campaign. The unit also have members from SKE48 and HKT48. The special Team released a original stage, Team Surprise 1st Stage, that was also released physically and digital.


Team Surprise (2012)

Team Surprise (2013)

Team Surprise (2014)




  • Team Surprise singles for 2013 were already recorded in 2012 before Maeda Atsuko graduated, which is why she is still included. At the launch event for the new pachi-slot game, held on the May 28, 2013 at the Makuhari Messe, Kawaei Rina went in her place as her substitute.

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