Tokuyama Daigoro o dare ga koroshita ka

Tokuyama Daigoro wo dare ga koroshita ka? (徳山大五郎を誰が殺したか? Who killed Daigoro Tokuyama??), also known as Tokudare (徳誰?), is a drama series featuring the members of Keyakizaka46.


Shiritsu Keyaki Gakuen (私立欅学園?)

Class 3-C

Tokuyama Chart
  • Shimada Kyusaku as Tokuyama Daigoro/Tokuyama Ishiro (dual role)
Students (Keyakizaka46) [Nickname/LINE name]
  • Hirate Yurina -[Techi/Hirate] the student most interested in solving the mystery on who killed Tokuyama. She has no LINE profile pic set by herself so it shows as the default blank green person icon.
  • Watanabe Rika -[Berika/Berika] the airheaded classmate who keeps snapping self-photos of herself with Tokuyama's remains. Her LINE profile image is a picture of her torso holding her stuffed toy.
  • Habu Mizuho -The tallest in the class.
  • Harada Aoi -The smallest of the class.
  • Imaizumi Yui -[??/Imaizumi] Her LINE profile image shows a pair of bangles with the names of the two "Yui"s in their class.
  • Ishimori Nijika -[Nijika/"none"] one of Watanabe Risa's sidekicks, she admires Risa. Her LINE profile image is her name that is styled similar to a LEGO logo.
  • Kobayashi Yui -[??/Yui] Her LINE profile image shows one of the bangles that she shares with Imaizumi Yui.
  • Koike Minami -[Miichan/Miichan] The class' top student in Health Class. Her LINE profile image is that of a penguin.
  • Moriya Akane -[??/Akanen] Leader of the class' athletic group. Her LINE profile pic shows her and the athletic group.
  • Nagasawa Nanako -[??/??] a girl who speaks only in Yamagata-ben dialect. Yonetani Nanami often act as her translator.
  • Oda Nana -[??/Odanana] likes foreign detective dramas and sometimes act as one. Her LINE profile image is a silhouette of a detective.
  • Ozeki Rika -[Ozeki/??] the smallest of the two "Rika"s
  • Saito Fuyuka -[??/fuyuka@元○○] Watanabe Risa's personal assistant. Her LINE profile pic shows a wacky groupie of herself with Risa and Nijika.
  • Sato Shiori -is the class' arts-leader.
  • Shida Manaka -Moriya Akane's personal assistant. Her LINE profile picture shows a baby blue headphone.
  • Sugai Yuka -Class President. Leader of the class' honor student group.
  • Suzumoto Miyu -[Suzumoto/Miyu] she was being teased to be close to Tokuyama after their teacher's wife appeared in their school. Her LINE profile image shows her besides Shida Manaka.
  • Uemura Rina -is an airheaded classmate who often inserts Nogizaka46 songs on conversations.
  • Watanabe Risa -[Risa/Risa] Leader of the class' fashion group. She swore to protect Neru. Her LINE profile pic is a cartograph of herself.
  • Yonetani Nanami -has a habit of quoting Ikegami Akira
  • Nagahama Neru -[Neru/Neru] a long-time friend of the class who has been missing since the group entered their third year.


  • Iwamatsu Ryo as Principal Sangubashi
  • Hamada Mari as Principal Midozono Kazusa
  • Eguchi Noriko as Kanzaki Yukie
  • Aijima Kazuyuki as Takemura Tetsuya
  • Konno Hiroki as Hashibe
  • Arno Le Gall as Noel Frank
  • Morishita Yoshiyuki as the school's security guard

Other Characters

  • Fuse Eri as Mrs. Tokuyama Kaori
  • Sugawara Daikichi as Detective Yashiro
  • Nagaoka Tasuku as the mysterious man who was last seen talking to Tokuyama before he died
  • Nakayama Erina, Arai Moe, and Okamoto Anri as Keyaki Gakuen Alumni
  • Tanaka Yoji as the new unknown corpse


Amazon Prime releases an episode one week earlier than the TV broadcast. Each episode's sub-title could have two different meanings/translation for the word "shitai" (シタイ?), similar to a pun.

Ep Title Translation 1
Translation 2
TV-Tokyo Amazon Prime
1 Kaku Shitai (隠シタイ?) Wants to hide Hidden Corpse July 16 July 10
2 Kata Shitai (騙シタイ?) Wants to deceive Deceptive Corpse July 23 July 17
3 Moya Shitai (燃やシタイ?) Wants to burn Burn a Corpse July 30 July 24
4 Soya Shitai (捜やシタイ?) Wants to investigate Investigate a Corpse August 6 July 31
5 Saiban Shitai (裁判やシタイ?) Wants to examine[1] Examine a Corpse August 13 August 7
6 Sayonara Shitai
Wants to bid farewell Bid farewell to a Corpse August 20 August 14
7 Narisuma Shitai
Wants to masquerade Masquerading a Corpse August 27 August 21
8 Shou Shitai (消シタイ?) Wants to vanish Vanishing a Corpse September 3 August 28
9 Kowa Shitai (壊シタイ?) Wants to destroy Destroying a Corpse September 10 September 4
10 Ai Shitai (愛シタイ?) Wants to love Loving a Corpse September 17 September 11
11 Itazura Shitai (悪戯シタイ?) Wants to prank Pranking a Corpse September 24 September 18
11 Shoppikitai (シょっぴきタイ Shiyoppikitai?) Wants to arrest Arresting a Corpse October 1 September 25



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  1. Examine as of a trial. Examination of evidence before a judge

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