VeggieRangers Team AKB48

Veggie Rangers

Balance Sentai - Veggie Rangers (Vegeranger) (バランス戦隊ベジレンジャー - エケペディア Baransu Sentai Bejirenjaa?) is a sub-group for AKB48 who appears exclusively in Kagome CMs in place of Yasai Sisters.

AKB48 X Koreichi Kagome Balance Sentai Vegerangers05:55

AKB48 X Koreichi Kagome Balance Sentai Vegerangers

Balance Sentai Veggie Rangers - Roll Call

AKB48 CM カゴメ 野菜一日これ一本 これイチ ベジレンジャー登場篇00:16

AKB48 CM カゴメ 野菜一日これ一本 これイチ ベジレンジャー登場篇

(Kagome CM) Veggie Rangers - Henshin

"Kagome" Vegetable Juice Commercial00:16

"Kagome" Vegetable Juice Commercial

(Kagome CM) Veggie Rangers with Veggie Ranger Robo

Other Characters

Veggie Rangers

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